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Easy Street is a feature-length film that documents one year in the lives of homeless people in St. Petersburg, Florida. The viewer sees and hears first hand, how people scratch out an existence on the streets of America’s urban centers. We learn how they got there and what keeps them there.
This is a must see film for sociology and psychology students, advocates and service agency personnel, churches whose parishioners want to help, and anyone who feels compelled to learn more about an underclass of American society whose ranks continue to grow every year.
Here's what viewers are saying about Easy Street:
"Easy Street...is an excellent academic resource for stimulating discussion on homelessness. The film is constructed from a "value-free" perspective which avoids association with any political posture on homelessness. The depth of content is excellent, focusing upon the life experiences of five homeless residents of the city, and complemented by a number of vignettes on other homeless, homeless adovcates and service providers. This results in capturing a subculture that is not accessible to the large majority of the public. Easy Street is an invitation to consider a wide range of issues, from pragmatic questions of homelessness policy to broad social concerns for inequality and community. I highly recommend this film, for all audiences."
Patrick Henry, Ph.D.
Professor of Sociology
Eckerd College
"Easy Street artfully aims its cameras and our consciences at homelessness, revealing it to be somewhere anyone could be and everyone would prefer to avoid...Anyone believing cinema can't change our outlook on the world just outside our windows should see this film."
Steve Persall
Film Critic
St. Petersburg Times
"When I showed this documentary to a church group that was concluding a 5-week study of hunger and poverty, even they were shocked by the hopelessness that people on the streets must feel. We were all left with the question: What can we do? What must we do to end homelessness in the richest nation in the world? I would highly recommend Easy Street to any parish or church group that is serious about exploring homeless and poverty in our nation. If you've never encountered a person experiencing homelessness, Easy Street will help you see beyond the stereotypes and challenge your assumptions."
Sharon Bidwell
Minister of Social Responsibility
Church of the Epiphany
Louisville, KY
"For everyone who is interested in a nuanced portrait of the homeless in St. Petersburg and a better understanding of the underlying causes of homelessness, this is a must-see documentary!"
Birgit Van Hout
Executive Director
Community Tampa Bay